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Furniture and Architectural Design
De Haro Street

About this project:

This 1950 federal housing project house was completely restored from the original design. One of the first built in San Francisco after WWII, it was made for a low-income family. It was purchased in 2004 from the original owner and was redesigned by Norman Petersen around the 1950 footprint.

Four new stairways were built and some of the original walls were removed to open up the interior, giving it a lighter and less complicated room flow. The interior appears larger though only 300 square feet was added, including a new master bedroom on the top floor.

The garage was cleared of an in-law apartment and a massive air-heating system. The replacement hydronic heating system cleared spaces throughout the house, making it more efficient and cleaner. All the windows were replaced with aluminum sash and frames holding quarter-inch and laminated UV-safe glass. The plumbing fixtures are Grohle, Toto and Koehler. The cabinetry is from Sadoun Construction in San Francisco. The furniture in the house was designed and built by Norman Petersen and the staging of the house and gardens was done by Floriana and Adriana Petersen, Norman’s wife and daughter, making this endeavor a true family affair.

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